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Business Services

True business service goes beyond bookkeeping and accounting; payroll generation and reporting; financial statement preparation and income tax return generation.  To get the full benefit of a Certified Public Accountant, you can take advantage of David F. Bott, CPA/PFS, P.C.'s services in the following areas:


Part-Time Financial Officer or Controller:

As businesses grow, they often reach a point where they need a qualified Certified Public Accountant to oversee their financial operations but may not yet be ready to fill the position full-time.  Contact us when you need assistance in this area. 

Cash-Flow Management

Managing the financial aspects of a business is more than keeping track of receipts and expenditures.  It's more than balance sheets and income statements.  It also means being able to anticipate and allow and plan for cash excesses and cash crunches making the best use of overflows and providing the best methods for supporting deficits.  David Bott can lead entrepreneurs and individuals alike in planning and managing cash flow.  


Strategic Business Planning

Most people have a general idea of what they want their financial futures to look like.  However, an idea is not the same thing as a concrete, well-defined plan with steps leading toward a specific goal.  David F. Bott CPA/PFS, P.C. can help identify and describe your future and develop and manage financial plans from start-up through to the finish line.


Succession Planning

People who own small businesses must have a plan for either the continuation, sale or transfer of their business when they reach the point of retirement or and end caused by unforeseen circumstances.  David F. Bott, CPA/PFS. P.C. can assist in arranging to have enough money to retire as well as the continuation or shutting down of your business.  Anything that results in a change of ownership will have accounting as well as tax consequences that we can help you take into consideration.


New Business Creation

Hundreds of thousands of new businesses are started every year.  Hundreds of thousands of new businesses fail every year.  You can have an advantage over other new businesses by having a firm financial understanding of how your business is operating.  Some business owners don't know how well did they until their tax returns are prepared.  Let David F. Bott, CPA/PFS help you track and interpret your financial information and apply that data to your operations.

When setting up your business, we can help assure you have met the state and federal requirements for registration.  In addition, we'll help you determine the best form of entity to declare for tax purposes and to manage your risk within the company.


Internal Controls

Sometimes the impartial eye of an outside professional is required to assure your company's policies and procedures are the best ones suited to assure safeguarding your assets.  We can review your operations and help you implement our suggestions to maintain a secure environment.